A screen is like a room that has expanding walls.
      A screen is neither enclosed nor open.
              A screen is a framed space, where time is stretched and reality disrupted

                      A screen is like a portal to another dimension                          

                              consists of memory, forms of representation and gestures for the cinematic gaze.

Curated by NIKKI LAM, SCREEN AS A ROOM explores performance on screen and screen-based practice in performance. Bringing together artists CAROLINE GARCIA, CHRISTIAN THOMPSON, EUGENIA LIM, FANNI FUTTERKNECHT and MIRA OOSTERWEGHEL, the exhibition forms a dialogue that investigates the liminal space between performance and video, as well as the tension between fiction and reality, space and non-space.

The screen: inside and out | A review by Robert Shumoail-Albazi on Realtime Arts.
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