The Unshakable Destiny: Reprise  / 迴
4K Digital with sound

Writer / Director / Editor: Nikki Lam
Producers: Nikki Lam, Faith Guoga
Cast: Sasha Leong, Rebekah Lin
Cinematography: Bonita Carzino
Gaffer: Corey Clement
Colourist: Sam McCarthy at Crayon
Production Design: Scott Heinrich
Costumes/MUA: Al Chan
Food Styling: Nikki Lam
Sound Design: Ben Harb
Sound Mix: Duncan Lowe at Infidel Studios
Sound Recordist: Josh Peters
Still Photography: Leah Jing McIntosh, Abdul Yusuf
Production Assistants: Xen Nhà, Yasbelle Kerkow, Ari Tampubolon and Matthew Harkins
Stand-in: Kelly Chan
Special thanks: Marnie Badham, Phuong Ngo and Jaime Powell

All political views suggested or depicted in this project belong to the artist-director only. The project does not represent the views of its casts, collaborators or presenters.

The story is always a reprise from another time, another body.

Reprise / 迴  explores the echoes of trauma from afar, in search of new material relationships for memory, cinema and site in dislocation. As the character confronts her own phantoms, Reprise is a feverish dream of nostalgia and grief. It takes the audience on a journey to its past, returning to a homeland that no longer exists, a memory now reserved only for cinema.

is the second film in The Unshakable Destiny, an expansive trilogy that narrates the position of the artist during socio-political transitions. As Hong Kong transforms its resistance from political to personal, how do our image shift over time? The trilogy is the artist’s contemplation on time, protest and cinema and an attempt to speculate a different future through subjective and collective memories.

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