Two-Minute Affair(s)

HD video, Performance


Two-Minute Affair(s) engages the public for two minutes via an electronic device, experimenting with the fragile relationship between the artist and public within the context of globalisation. From Hong Kong, Melbourne to Adelaide, the artist travels between cities as her identity transforms via contextualised digital media.

The artist finds herself conducting these snap performances in a loose, spontaneous manner. Often situated in public spaces with high traffic, the performances became the spectrum of digital space, and the actions to provoke as well as to promote and materialise one's extended online identity.
Geographically disorientated, the work extends and transforms while it travels and reaches new audience. Suggesting strange yet familiar cultural connotations from these actions, the relationship between our expanding spaces and our evolving identities remains ambiguous, inter-woven and open-ended. 

Production credit — Calvin Chan, Roy Lee