Longing, Be-Longing 
2010 — 2012
Multi-channel video installation
Old suitcases, wood, perspex


Longing, Be-Longing is a site-specific series between 2010 to 2012.

After a two-year journey of transforming and becoming, in its most recent exhibition, the work has adopted the form of a house. The work has situated itself in the contradicting idea of the longing of home. Aimed to create a mobile house, Longing, Be-Longing (of Home) experiments with the imperfect, transitory sense of home and the ever-changing sense of belongingness. 

Exploring such ideas in our trans-nationalistic world, this project is made to examine the ontology of immateriality, transitions, identity and belonging in relation to our sense of home. Having to pack one’s belongings in a suitcase not only indicates the selection of personal burdens, but a tangible transcription of one’s transitory cultural attachments. Focusing on the repetitive action instead of the objects, the videos are aimed to articulate the mental state of transition in relation to the physical attachment, while the stacked-up suitcases symbolise the constant transitions and the mobility of attachment. 

Together they represent the need to re-organise the space within the internal in order to make room for a new belonging, whether it be cultural or personal. 


Production credit — Calvin Chan, Lou Molesworth, Dmitri Zartaiski, Roy Lee, Sarah Garrecht, Dina de Lestrange, Guillaume de Lestrange